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The data from the survey to the a good five-point size are tabulated having detailed fact out-of 34 participants ( Dining table

The data from the survey to the a good five-point size are tabulated having detailed fact out-of 34 participants ( Dining table

2 ) to their responses from highly agree (scale 1), agree (size dos), reasonable (level step 3), differ (measure 4), otherwise firmly differ (size 5). The brand new findings revealed that their families felt annoyed otherwise anxious in the the condition once the unmarried feminine (2.82), as they liked the status that have an excellent field for the a beneficial safe place (dos.85), and you will meeting with men associates you’ll create envy one of friends’ spouses just like the unmarried women could divert men’s desire using their spouses (2.91). This type of responses designed that the thinking was in fact near to natural/reasonable (scale step 3). The latest accusation to be particular or demanding into shopping for a husband are refuted by the respondents (3.09 otherwise reasonable so you can disagree). The solitary updates generated the parents upset otherwise disappointed (dos.65) are as opposed to their daughters’ comfort zone feeling. This searching for is actually validated by several respondents’ revealing of the bitter skills when they had pressure away from mothers, nearest and dearest, otherwise family relations to acquire partnered in the future. It absolutely was consistent with the response one stress in order to marry immediately following chronilogical age of 40 could well be lessened (3.several or simple to help you disagree). The worth of ily professionals and loved ones, and also of the respondent by herself since the indexed by effect (step one.68) ranging from consent (size dos) and you may firmly concur (size step 1). It absolutely was similar to the answer you to definitely the parents need its daughters to possess husbands to exchange its guardian roles (1.97). So it finding indicated that men are thought the newest protectors of women. The new hidden discrimination provides men’s room bodily power, expert, and you will advantage. They popular to-be effective (dos.62) in lieu of getting couch potato (step three.76) finding husbands. Public values in this Malay and you will Javanese countries you to dissuade feminine from becoming active to find a spouse cause gender inequality. 24) to eliminate this new negative label of being unmarried. A leading conflict (4.03) to the proven fact that a family conference will be held to own a decided matrimony are advertised. This new respondents was indeed strongly in contract which have (step one.68) a long family members’ matrimony norms “Marry that, get married all the.” It had been stunning that participants don’t envision the pressure to help you marry, stereotypes and you may prejudices broken the people liberties (3/fair) However, observation and emailing many of the participants demonstrated exactly how distressed, aggravated, and you may crazy these were.

Even when relationship is very important in it, most participants don’t desire to be compelled to get married (4

Inquiries and statements raised by mothers, family, associates and you may household members instance whenever will you get married, I want you getting people, I would like to has good young buck-in-law, don’t let yourself be demanding into the trying to find a husband, don’t let yourself be engrossed from inside the study and field, why did you not get married a the previous boyfriend, brand new older plus career-minded you are tends to make dudes perhaps not feel sure so you’re able to method otherwise decide to your (the newest more mature more undesirable), are you experiencing intends to get married, if you’re unable to discover an effective spouse I could choose one to you was basically found with the desk. 3 .

Questionnaires, correspondence, in addition to early in the day correspondence with respondents’ mothers and household exhibited multiple contradictions among respondents’ solutions

Table step 3 Players were expected so you can remember when the moms and dads, extended loved ones, colleagues or family unit members had questioned additional inquiries or comments of those, otherwise they might like that they had never been requested such as a question.

Its responses showed that merely some mothers was in fact concerned with their daughters’ single reputation during the a late decades. Eighteen (18) of respondents replied that they had never ever acquired statements off sometimes the mothers, family members, associates, otherwise members of the family toward daddies and you will moms’ wishing to has sons-in-legislation otherwise asking whether they very wanted to marry (56%). These conclusions failed to indicate that these were perhaps not the newest targets out-of gossip. From inside the in-breadth interview by the chatting, a number of the participants common its skills of going frivolous questions about their intent otherwise plan to marry. In reality, more knowledgeable and you can job men was previously eager knowing otherwise see information about all their feminine colleagues’ relationship reputation out-of anybody else.

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