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‘The brand new Taming Of the Shrewd 2’ End Told me & Spoilers: What happened So you’re able to Kacper And you will Wera?

‘The brand new Taming Of the Shrewd 2’ End Told me & Spoilers: What happened So you’re able to Kacper And you will Wera?

The latest Taming of the Shrewd dos, a continuation of your own 2022 Netflix Shine rom-com of the identical name, pursue new aftermath from Patryk and you may Kaska finding yourself together and you may marriage. Once effortlessly saving their own property about Nawrot firm and you can building a digital Zamboanga in Philippines bride apiary, which has incorporated creative electronic gadgets and techniques in beekeeping routine, Kaska became popular all over the world. She has been already named to help you The usa for a honor for their own imaginative services to build an electronic digital apiary, but Patryk, who is nevertheless a bit vulnerable regarding his dating, concerns one to Kaska might have to go back once again to their own ex lover-spouse. Brand new trust issues ranging from Patryk and Kaska are particularly a primary conflict, leaving men doing them from inside the Podhale concerned with the continuing future of the relationship.

What happened From the Movie?

The film starts with Kaska making to have The united states to receive an enthusiastic prize to have their own innovative performs, if you find yourself Patryk miracle across the odds of Kaska returning to their unique ex lover-boyfriend, Bob. Kaska assured him that she’d never ever also think of moving back into Bob, so she expected him to take some trust within matchmaking. Regardless if Patryk knew in his center one Kaska try dedicated so you can your, the people up to them regarding the town was indeed usually stating crappy reasons for her. Especially Kaska’s brothers, Wacus and Jedrus, whom thought that Kaska had opted in order to The usa to repay off which have Bob. All this hearsay offered are and come up with Patryk worried, so he chose to convince those who Kaska was not by doing this. Once effective a great sleigh race, Patryk put a party and you may gathered all of the people in the newest village in order to honor Kaska’s triumph and you will success. He started a video call with Kaska while you are she was a student in the usa, offering a job interview and getting their particular prize. In the interviews, she must submit her phone, but she forgot to show it well. Kaska didn’t come with indisputable fact that Bob is on the lay, looking forward to their own interviews to conquer and you may inquiring their own so you can get married your into the a live telecast. The phone are later on paid in order to Bob, just who noticed Patryk’s label. Bob attempted to get Patryk out of Kaska’s lives, so the guy found the phone call and presented himself in the an excellent style to suggest that he got slept having Kaska. Due to the fact Patryk, as well, is demonstrating brand new movies call on an enormous display to prove his wife’s fidelity to all the members of the brand new community, the guy sensed most embarrassed to see Bob picking up their call. They bankrupt Patryk’s cardiovascular system, and he started initially to believe that their partner was deceptive in order to your.

How it happened Between Patryk And you may Kaska?

At the same time, one or two entitled Wera and you may Kacper journeyed to help you Podhale, in which Kacper expected Wera to help you marry him. However, prior to saying sure to help you Kacper, Wera stumbled on be aware that Kacper had recognized a career render that would want your to depart his household. They broke Wera’s center and made their extremely crazy, very she chose to leave Kacper in the middle of this new path and you will run away with his Rv. Wera found Patryk on the means and you will began to feel comfortable to your. Patryk never tried to allure their unique, however, the guy made an effort to help their own in any way. Just like the Wera was by yourself together with nowhere to stay, Patryk expected her to keep during the his put, but the a couple of all of them was able range and you can acknowledged for every other people’s limitations. Kaska gone back to Podhale and got really frustrated to determine you to Patryk try sticking with a lady. As opposed to communicating safely, the happy couple started to distrust each other and you can proceeded arguing. Kaska attempted to identify you to she was chased by police towards the airport, very she must come back early, when you find yourself Patryk don’t faith their particular and you will failed to also just be sure to listen in order to her.

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