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I am also good Gay people who was involved with some body who had been very likely NPD- which have faculties ASPD

I am also good Gay people who was involved with some body who had been very likely NPD- which have faculties ASPD

Keep in touch although it’s half a year afterwards otherwise if you can while i would love to hear exactly how you will do. For the time being, take better care of on your own. Rosie.

The new party B’s character disorders is similar- but out-of my sense- Andrea you are just not advised towards difference between a great Borderline and you will an excellent Narcissist. You have zero attitude or he is extremely shallow, one other has deregulated thinking (the brand new BPD) I am Male diagnosed with BPD- Experienced therapy for over three years, and you will DBT almost a year. The possible lack of empathy try excellent- the shortcoming to identify my needs- therefore unfulfilling. Following showed up the fresh ambient punishment/energy lighting. This individual virtually ravaged my heart and soul. Borderlines can be sweet- compassionate and offering, and get extremely codependent. We concluded this dating almost 4 years ago- ran into the therapy six months then to own anxiety and you can anxiety. It absolutely was fundamentally reveled which i endured a character problems myself- which have 7 of your 9 faculties regarding DSM IV. We consider me personally to your much time road to healing out-of BPD- but let me ensure it is precise to you- borderlines and you can narcissists are not the same!


Hi Peter, Rosie here,sweet in order to satisfy you. I completely agree with your one NPD and Borderline’s are more. NPD’s tell you an entire decreased empathy and never understand the new need regarding others. While you are a good BPD and now have a part of a good NPD you’ll be missing particularly when for the a partnership. We commonly thought me are good borderline(and may also end up being) but don’t recognized. The latest Narcissist in my every day life is my personal brother who made my personal like crazy since i is a baby. We get a hold of me personally since a caring, sensitive individual with higher sympathy to many other man’s pain however, was also a custodian which is not usually a good point. I suffer with nervousness and get done all my entire life hence have trigger severe depression taylandlД± kadД±n from time to time. BPD has stopped being seen as a psychiatric disease which i get a hold of tough to learn but there is however an alternative DSM V deleting BPD regarding publication. I might have many attributes from BPD and you can inquire in the event that, for me personally, they my personal issues were down to with which NPD inside my family. I’m very sorry to hear this people triggered your so much suffering and that i need to your well on your journey to healing. I agree totally that Borderlines and NPD’s was it is not the same, actually, he’s on opposite ends of your own range. Prepared you really Peter or take worry, Rosie.

Andrea Schneider, LCSW

well-aware the essential difference between NPD and you will BPD as the set forth throughout the DSM…my early in the day review was showing that there are many people you to have some crossover that have traits of both of these “people B personality issues.” The thing i try discussing is the fact not everybody suits with the a pure medical classification … I hope you to definitely clarifies something…I wish you better. Andrea


Thank-you would far Andrea– discovering your own blog post, additionally the ‘targets/victims’ regarding Narcissists on the answers – I am able to positively identify with. Rosie BPS remains detected because the a group B character diseases about DSM V- it’s been increased along the DSN VI yet not. This new Narcissist We knew was partnered- had three high school students. Kept the latest wife after 23 years. Then continued to own a track record regarding gay community, in which folks sooner or later ignores him (simply abuse) He however ‘hoovers’ available for me on extremely subliminal means- however, I advised him in order to their face in zero unclear terms and conditions he was in reality NPD. Their reply? ‘OH’ -normal. One has to learn that particular evil really does can be found out there. I as a Borderline have created of numerous trouble for myself- alienated of numerous- but I do not have the kind of strength a narcissist has-

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